Blank Koozies Info About our Company, our Products, and our Standards.

If you are reading this section, it means you are probably the screen printer and you are looking for blank Koozies in order to print a product for yourself or your client. If you’re feeling a little lazy and you want us to print them for you, no problem we print all types of custom and personalized Koozies.

Our little company is 100% USA owned.

All our materials we use to make for our blank-koozies are homemade in the United States! We even make the cuts, the dyes, and the presses, to make the blank-koozies. We also sew, package, and employ only U.S.A. Other companies we’ll use Chinese Products in farm labor, not ours! We only are 100% certified USA made!

Our little company offers over 30 blank products.

We all for the following products, zipper neoprene Koozies, water bottle Koozies, unsewn zipper fabric Koozies, unsewn large can Koozies, unsewn collapsible fabric Koozies, solo cup with bottom Koozies, solo cup sleeve Koozies, solo cup collapsible fabric Koozies, small coffee sleeves Koozies, slip on bottle fabric Koozies, sewn zipper fabric, sewn collapsible neoprene, sewn collapsible fabric, round Koozies, pint size Mason jar Koozies, neoprene solo cup Koozies, neoprene pint glass Koozies, neoprene Koozies with neck strap, neoprene coffee sleeve Koozies, Mason jar Koozies, large can Koozies, jersey Koozies, hard foam blank-koozies, Chevron sewn collapsible fabric, Chevron sewn zipper fabric, bottomless can sleeve, 24 ounce can Koozies 16 ounce tall slim can neoprene Koozies, 16 ounce tall slim can fabric Koozies, 8 ounce slim can Koozies, and last but not least 12 ounce slim can Koozies.

How we make the Koozie.

With a great deal of experience in the koozie making biz, we’ve had plenty of time to fine tune and hone our koozie materials and products in order to ensure the proper fit and ideal koozie experience for our customers. We begin with a large roll of soft foam or neoprene material and have it dyed to our color specifications. From there rolls of material are shipped to our warehouse awaiting the cut and sew process. We have individual dyes for each koozie style, cut the koozie from the material and send it over to our sewing department to be stitched together. Our fabric rolls are hand dyed so it is possible to have color variations from batch to batch.

Wondering about the durability of our zippers? We’ve gone through many different zipper suppliers and had our friends and family test dozens and dozens of zipper possibilities until we found one that consistently worked even after frequent use. Our zippers are hand checked to ensure quality control.

Our team works extremely hard to ensure each and every koozie we package and sell meet the high expectations and standards of our customers. Any questions you have on our products, please don’t hesitate to call or email anytime! We’re looking forward to sharing our positive koozie experiences and welcoming you into our family!