Lowest Beer Koozies on the Web

Blank Camo Koozies

Blank camo koozies are sure to impress your friends and family!  You’ve decided on the pattern, but you have more choices to make.  For all the non-commitment people out there, get ready to make some decisions!

Step 1— Pick a type/material! Neoprene, fabric, hard foam, jersey or t-shirt material!

Neoprene is similar to wet suit material. The fabric is a high quality washable material. Jersey and t-shirt materials are similar and come in a fun t-shirt shape!  Hard foam is a classic option. Blank camo koozies look beautiful no matter the material you choose.  This decision should be easy!

Step 2— Do you prefer a bottle, can or mason jar?

Some argue that liquids taste better from a glass bottle.  Not to mention, some people like to save the bottle caps.  Mason Jars are glass too, but can fit more liquid.  The more beer, the better!  Cans are superior at blocking UV light, and in turn, make your beer taste better!  I hate to start a fight, but it’s true!  We offer small and large can koozies.  Blank camo koozies make your beer taste better too. Trust me!

Step 3—Sewn or Unsewn

Sewn blank camo koozies are ready for the beer bottle, and party that is guaranteed to follow. Unswen blank camo koozies require extra assembly, but will be ready in no time.  Depending on how you want to customize your koozie one option might work better for you.  How can I customize my blank koozie? Print, embroidery and craft supplies are all great options to make blank camo koozies stand out!

Phew!  That wasn’t too hard was it?  No matter which blank camo koozie you choose, the product will WOW friends, family and customers.