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Blank Koozies?! No, It’s Blank Coozies!

Whatever you like to call our beverage holders is fine by us!

You say to-may-toes, I say to-mah-toes!  It’s all the same to us.  Whatever you call it, we are proud to supply the highest quality blank coozies, koozies, can cooler, beverage holder, huggies and that-thing-I-saw-at-a-party on the market!  We’ve got your blanks, ready to ship today, no matter your name preference.  We have six main types of blank coozies available: Sewn Collapsible Fabric, Unsewn Collapsible Fabric, Sewn Collapsible Neoprene, Hard Foam, Zipper Neoprene, Sewn Zipper Fabric, Unsewn Zipper Fabric and Slip On Bottle Fabric.  Each coozie is hand inspected before it is shipped to your home, small or large business. We take pride in all our blank coozies.  We also have specialty blank coozies for sale.  If you are ever unsure of which coozie fits your needs the best, give us a call or email.  The six main types and specialty blank coozies are available in ANY pattern.  Don’t see your favorite pattern listed on the website?  Give us a call!  We would love to add your favorite to our collection (or even keep your prized pattern a secret).