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Blank Neoprene Koozies!

The best in the industry!!

Neoprene koozies is a material of it’s own.  Neoprene has gotten popular because of the long last cooling ability and ease to work with. Our blank neoprene koozies can be purchased individually or in a variety of different patterns and colors.  No matter what kind of blank you are looking for it’s the same high quality material. The pattern does not change the quality of the neoprene. If you don’t see a pattern you’re looking for, we would love to add it to our collection! Do you have a pattern you’d like to keep a secret? We’d love to help you design a custom pattern, exclusively for you and your customers.


We offer two different styles of blank neoprene koozies: Collapsible Neoprene and Zip Up Neoprene. Our most popular style is the collapsible neoprene koozie. This koozie is popular because it is better for print. Neoprene tends to be a favorite for print shops because it is a tighter material (less pores) than fabric. The fabric koozies are excellent with print, but for finer details we recommend neoprene.  The collapsible neoprene koozie is easy to fit in your back pocket, to throw into a bag or purse and take on the go.


Zip Up Neoprene Koozies have a no slip rubber bottom. Another very popular product perfect for 12 ounce beer bottles. If you’re looking to wow your customers go with neoprene. All around, everyone will be impressed!