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Camo Koozies For Craft Projects

Camo is a great starting point for your next craft project!

One of my favorite patterns is camouflage.  If your favorite pattern is camo, you’ve come to the right place!  We have a variety of different camo styles to choose from.  If you don’t see your favorite camo style on our website, please let us know!  We are always looking to expand our collection, and appropriate feedback from our customers.

Camo koozies for craft projects is a great starting point for next craft project!  Depending  on your crafting expertise, you can order camo koozies for craft projects in either sewn or unswen koozies.  Check out the product pages to learn more about which koozie styles are available sewn and unsewn.  If you are looking to keep your crafting experience low cost, and low skill level, we recommend sewn camo koozies.  Sewn koozies come to you ready to use!  You can add a little something extra with glitter pens or fabric markers.  Are you a more experienced crafter?  our camo koozies for craft projects are perfect for print and embroidery.  If you’re a small or large business, we are more than willing to work with, and find the perfect camo koozies for craft projects, for your next business giveaway, event or promotion!