Lowest Beer Koozies on the Web

Decorate Your Camo Koozies!

Embroider or print!  Add rhinestones or feathers!  You fancy, huh!?

Go one step further and decorate your camo koozies!  Sure we get it, being stealthy is the goal, but what about standing out!  Blank camo koozies are easy to decorate.  The possibilities are endless!  The smooth finish neoprene is ideal for printing, but easy to embroider too.   Printing and embroidering on fabric is easy too.


Top 5 Phrases to Decorate Your Camo Koozies

1. Duck Life

2. I’m a beer drinking, book stomping, four wheeling, night swimming, trash talking, truck riding, gun shooting, COUNTRY GIRL

3. The Hunt is Over! (Perfect for a wedding!)

4. DAD Commander in Chief

5. Pretty in Pink, but Dangerous in Camo


Number #5 is begging for a glitter pen, rhinestones or a feather.  Not only do koozies keep your beer or drink cold, but they’re great for other uses too. Plus you’re going to want to show it off!  Use koozies for pens, loose change or knick-knacks.