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Unsewn Camo Koozies

Sew the koozie yourself – CHEAP unsewn camo koozies!!

FOOTBALL:  Is a lot like sewing- you make a plan, you shed a few tears, and when you reach the end zone, you do an embarrassing victory dance!  Let us make the plan for you, all of our koozies are pre-cut.  We will even wish you good luck in the game, and hope you don’t shed any tears, but if you do know that the koozies are made from durable material: neoprene and fabric.  Each material is flexible and forgiving to work with.  The thing is…. we don’t  want to take away the fun of a victory dance!  The sewing is up to you!


What is the advantage of ordering unswen camo koozies (besides the victory dance)?  Unsewn camo koozies make it easier to print double sided, and allow the control of stitch quality and type.


What is so special about camouflage?  It’s the art of being unseen.  We aren’t judging, but maybe you’re trying to a hide a little something-something in your koozie!  Perfect for hunting and parties.  Don’t OVERLOOK unsewn camo koozies as an option to start-up or flourish your business!