What does Offer?

BK offers any style koozie (sewn or unsewn), any print imaginable, on any material ever made – at the lowest prices on the web.

What are my choices print?

Frankly, we can dye any color you need and or print any style you want.  Do you want pink cat prints on a black – koozie? Not a problem.  you want 1 inch blue chevron stripes on a yellow koozie? Not a problem – Literally the options are limitless.  We recommend browsing our site and if you have any questions call or email us.

How do I create an order from start to finish?

Step 1-> Choose a pattern.

Step 2-> Choose a style.

Step 3-> Chose a quantity.

Step 4-> Add to cart.

Step 3-> Checkout (or continue shopping).

Do you also print ink or photos on koozies?

Yes we actually do!  Well, that is a little bit of a fib – our sister company – – does.  Use the discount code “koozagain” to get 10% and or just tell them sent you!!!

 What are the possible additional fees?

  • Shipping on orders under 250 pieces (shipping is free on all orders over 250 pieces.
  • Rush shipping (If you need the blank koozie product in seven business days or less)
  • ***If you are a pain in the butt 🙂

 When will I receive my order?

You will receive your order on or several days before the date you indicated when placing your order.

What are the difference in blank foam vs. blank flexi fabric koozies?

Foam koozies are rigid and maintain the shape of the can even after removal.  Often used as pencil holders on desks.  Collapsible fold flat when the can is removed – almost like a wallet.

I messed up and forgot to order my blank koozies – I need them now – Can you help?

Call now – we will save you – all koozies will be drop shipped and over-nighted to you.

How do I know my order is safe? takes internet security very seriously.  We run and operate many websites and have handled tens of thousands of orders.  We use the highest level of encryption and to date – NOT ONCE – has a customers information been in jeopardy or stolen.

What is the minimum order of blank koozies I can order?

We keep it simple – 1

Do you sell plain koozies?

LOL – That is all we sell!!!

I need to cancel/reduce my order. 

We offer a money back guarantee! Any day – Any Night – Any Time – We have never failed to honor it.  You need to cancel an order, you are not satisified, or if you are just in a bad mood – let us know and we will refund your money on the spot!!!