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Blank Can Koozies

Make money $$!!  Blank Can Koozies are great for….

Monogramming!  And when you buy blank can koozies wholesale, you aren’t committed to one design.  You can make money FAST!  So, keep calm and monogram it all!  What is a monogram?  A fun, flowery, swirly font with initials.  Think of a logo, but with letters.  Who likes monograms?  Just about everyone!  Monogramming is individualized, and easy to brand.  Sororities and fraternities, are well know for monogramming koozies.  Baby showers, weddings, and even family reunions are wonderful occasions for monogrammed blank can koozies.  But you don’t even need a special occasion!  There is a huge market for monogrammed can koozies and we have the blank can koozies to get you started!  The customer base is out there!


Blank can koozies come in a lot of different sizes.  We offer: Unsewn Collapsible Fabric, Sewn Collapsible Fabric, Unsewn Collapsible Neoprene, Sewn Collapsible Neoprene, Hard Foam, Slim Can and Large Can.   College students LOVE Red Bull and Monster energy drinks.  We have a koozie for that, the slim can and large can!  The market it out there, and we have the blank can koozeis for you!