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Blank Foam Rubber Koozies

Foam? Rubber? Neoprene? Help!

Blank foam rubber koozies are available on our site. The foam rubber style, neoprene, is similar to wet suit material. Some people call it foam, some people call it rubber. Whatever you call it, we assure you that it is high quality. We choose to exclusively sell, blank foam rubber koozies, because of the long lasting qualities. Keep your blank foam rubber koozie blank for a classic look. This material will uphold print and embroidery, and is built to last. Blank foam rubber koozies are available for bottles and cans.

Can’t decide on fabric vs. neoprene (blank foam rubber koozies)? What about hard foam?

Call us today, to help you make your decision. Depending on your purpose, one may be better than the other. What is your end result? Which look are you going for—Blank classic koozie, printed koozie, embroidered koozie? Personal taste will also need to be considered—some people like the feel of foam or rubber better, others prefer fabric. This depends on your personal taste. Similar to how some people like solid colors better than camo. No matter the material you choose, they all grip your drink, no slipping or sliding around in the koozie. Fabric, foam and neoprene are all flexible material. We also sell hard foam koozies that are more bulky. These koozies don’t fold down, and can’t be “squished”. Hard foam koozies hold their true form.