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Blank Koozies For Embroidery

We are SEW happy to help you find the perfect blank koozies for embroidery!!

A parking attendant who gives out blank stares is frustrating.  Here at blank-koozies.com we give out (okay, sell) blank koozies for embroidery.  It’s not frustrating, it’s LIBERATING!  Can I park here?  Can I park THERE?!  Where should I park!?!  Answer this: Do you think the city will tow my car?


Yes, you can embroider.  Yes, you can embroider by hand.  Yes, you can embroider with a machine.  Yes, you can embroider fabric and neoprene.  Yes, we have sewn and unswen koozies perfect for embroidery!!  Blank koozies for embroidery come in different colors and patterns too.  Camo koozies?  Yes sir, right this way, I have the koozie just for you.  Chevron pattern koozies?  Yep, got it!  Try to stump blank-koozies.com with a do-you-think-the-city-will-tow-my-car question!  Rainbow, polka-dog, animal print, tie-dyed?  We have all the patterned koozies you could ever dream.


Disclaimer: Not all parking attendants act like this.  Marc helped me back out of a space, and if he hadn’t I would have hit a pole. He handed out smiles and high fives!