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How Can I Embroider My Koozies?

Yes, you are sew crafty, and can easily embroider koozies!


Embroidering koozies is easy if you have the right equipment: tools or hardware, if you prefer.  Our koozies are made out of long lasting and durable material.  Our customers tell us that both neoprene and fabric is easy to embroider.  You may prefer one or the other.  The minimum koozie order is 1 and the maximum order is 30,000+.  It’s a stitch to hand embroider or machine embroider.

How can I embroider my koozies by hand?  You will only need a couple tools: embroidery hoop, small sharp scissors, embroidery floss and embroidery needles.  Embroidery needs have bigger eyes than normal needs to accommodate the size of the floss.

How can I embroider my koozies by machine?  Know (or learn) your machine.  The more comfortable you are with the machine, the more successful you will be at embroidering.  Already an expert?!  Our next piece of advice: Use good quality thread!  Our koozies are going to last no matter what!  If you use the best quality thread the design koozie will last a longgggg time!  Some machine dealers may even offer courses to learn how to embroider koozies.  Remember, koozies are made out of fabric and neoprene.  Order unsewn blank koozies ready to embroider now!  These koozies are ready to embroider when they arrive at your door.