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Where To Buy Koozies For Embroidery

Our koozies are designed to last, and designed for embroidery!


Where to buy koozies for embroidery?  Right here from blank-koozies.com.  Although we have an eye for design, we know you do too!  When you buy our koozies for embroidery you don’t have to worry about quality.  As a designer, you have so many options.  The options start with our koozie, but end up with your final product and design ideas.  On our website, you can choose between style (neoprene and fabric), color (think crayon colors), design (camo, chevron, stripes, ect.), and type (collapsible, hard form and stand alone).  Where to buy koozies for embroidery?  The answer is easy: From blank-koozies.com!