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Top 3 Reasons To Buy Wholesale (and why it’s easy!)

1.  Larger inventory- Keep your shop stocked! It will pay off when you’re, stress-free and worry-free.  Buying wholesale koozies for embroidery in large quanities means that you’re customers will be happy too.

2. Happy customers- More options for your customers means your customers will be happier!  Find out what you’re customers like the best.  Are you only producing embroidered products for a school?  What is the school color?  Find out your customers niche- a certain color, pattern, type of camo, ect.  Make your customers happy and buy wholesale koozies for embroidery.

3.  Better price for you- When you buy wholesale koozies for embroidery, you are saving money.  A difference of 50 koozies can make a price difference.  Don’t let the word “wholesale” intimidate you from ordering wholesale koozies for embroidery.